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Honey Soap


With honey and coffee exfoliant
Surgras – Without essential oils

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Honey Soap by Kari Kari Africa softens the skin and promotes hydration.
Shower soap and exfoliator.  With honey and coffee.
Suitable for dry skin.
Soap for the whole family. Also suitable for pregnant and nursing women.
Honey Soap by Kari Kari Africa is made by cold saponification.

Surgras – Without essential oils

INCI: Sodium shea butterate, sodium palm kernelate, sodium cocoate, sodium soyate, aqua, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii butter, mel, coffea arabica seed extract.


  • Shea butter: it’s the master! it’s essential! it makes the soap moisturizing, soft and the skin is well nourished.
  • Palm kernel oil: it is blessed and sacred in Togo! produced in an artisanal way, our palm kernel oil brings hardness to the soaps but also its anti-aging power to our skin!
  • Coconut oil: we love soaps with a creamy, cleansing lather and softness! Thank you Coconut!
  • Soybean oil: moisturises, soothes and softens the skin. It works particularly well on combination skin, thanks to its ability to moisturise dry areas while controlling oil levels in oily areas.
  • Water: essential for mixing the soda
  • Soda: essential for saponifying and forming the soap into a solid bar.
  • Honey: promotes water retention in the epidermis and soothes dry irritated skin.
  • Ground coffee: exfoliates to clean dead skin cells.

Handmade in Kpalimé and with all our love, this soap is just naturally good for you and for the planet!

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