A story from mother to daughter...

I am Aimée Tenu Lawani and since I was 14 years old, I have been involved in several initiatives with social and ecological values that you will find below:

  • Zam-Ké: luggage made from recycled water bags
  • ViViFruits: natural fruit juices and sorbets
  • Espace ViVa: eco-responsible leisure centre
  • Farmers’ market: promotion of local products
  • BeeFarmer: agro-ecological farm

The Kari-Kari Africa project was given to me by my Da, who used to be a soap maker, as was her passion for entrepreneurship. It is a great joy for our whole family to see our mother’s know-how revived through Kari Kari Africa. For our committed generation, I personally believe in our identity as citizens of the world, in our Africanness and in all that we do to return to our roots and to preserve our planet for future generations.

Kari Kari Africa fait son petit chemin…

Idea! Mum's "Pomédi" recipe improved to "Pomédi Coco".
2014 to 2017
Professional trainings in Switzerland and validation of formulas.
End of november 2017
Creation of the company AIM S.A. Official launch of sales with a distribution contract in pharmacies in Togo.
May 2018
Farewell Jean Paul, my godfather who always believed and invested in me... This sudden loss put the company's activities at a standstill for 6 months.
November 2018
Relaunch of the soap factory.
May 2019
Fire with the loss of all our professional equipment.
October 2019
Relaunch of the soap factory with the construction of the Laboratory to the standards of the European regulations followed by a professional training in France.
November 2020
Launch of Kari Kari products sales by Awa Cosmétique in France.
April 2021
End of the collaboration following a failed attempt to merge our two companies.


All young and dynamic, the KariKari Africa team is made up of 18 employees and trainees in professional training as cosmetic production assistants. Our team is supported in its activities by service providers with whom we are happy to work because their expertise is precious to us. All our jobs created are protected and sustainable. To learn more about the issue of youth employment in Togo, read our article on the subject.


An authentic soap factory in Togo

The Kari Kari Africa soap factory is an artisanal and traditional soap factory. We mainly produce black soaps and cold process soaps through traditional and ancestral processes. These are age-old processes that have crossed time and continents and our soaps are produced in accordance with international cosmetic standards.

Kari Kari Africa is also at the forefront of research with a modern laboratory that combines tradition and modernity in terms of healthy quality cosmetics.

kari kari Africa
We value local raw materials such as shea butter, cocoa, noble vegetable oils such as palm kernel oil and natural additives by sourcing from the best local suppliers, i.e. women’s and youth cooperatives in several Togolese and African localities, at fair prices.
kari kari Africa
We make African black soap from the ashes of plants such as cocoa pods. Our raw materials are natural and or certified organic and vegan.
We have created our own formulas and improved the processes so that new generations can find themselves in all these traditional wonders, our skin care, face and hair care and massage oils.
The manufacturing process of Kari Kari soaps is unique. We cold saponify our bar soaps and the maximum properties of the oils, butters and natural additives are preserved. The surgras (8-9% in our case) and the naturally produced vegetable glycerine are preserved.
kari kari Africa

You will recognise Kari Kari Africa soaps with our trademark handmade, with care and love.

All steps in the making of our products are done by hand. From the preparation of the ash water with the plant ashes, the work that is done on the shea and cocoa butters, the mixing, the pouring, the demoulding, the baking, the stamping to the packaging, everything is done with our hands and with love.

At Kari Kari Africa, the drying time of the soaps is precious because they gain all their softening, moisturizing, nourishing and protective powers! Their PH levels are lowered and they dry well to last longer in your home! The soaps are placed in the drying room with humidity control. We let our soaps “age” for 6 to 8 weeks.
kari kari Africa
Our soaps are packaged in recycled and food certified paper boxes. For an even more eco-friendly and zero waste action, find our “Coupés Décalés” soap scraps!
Coffret Mama Africa

Through our commitments, we are also keen to promote the age-old know-how of local soap making that has been passed down from generation to generation by our grandmothers, our mothers, our aunts and our sisters.

We offer you products that are the result of the rich human collaborations that we have created throughout our entrepreneurial journey.